The F1N1SH network is proud to share this story of two sisters, with a “thirst for success” Bianca & Natasha de Jong. Similar to our career initiative they are growing an active tribe of ambassadors for the world’s first healthy natural endurance drink; Predator Endurance®.

Thriving Predator sisters in the billion dollar beverage industry

Our generation of millennials is missing purpose, losing trust in the products we buy, companies we work for and politicians we vote for. We are two millennial sisters and political scientists, always fascinated by challenges within society and inspired to make a positive impact. From a young age we were leading a holistic lifestyle and reading labels. As customers we did not feel understood by multinational food companies and their sugars, artificial sweeteners and unhealthy ingredients. What can we drink to support our daily activities besides water and herbal tea? The good wasn’t good enough, because taking our water bottle with lemon juice on the go was not sufficient for more functionalities. This had to change.


Global health issue

After traveling and volunteering in Congo, it became clear that the world is faced with the epidemic of obesity and diabetes, due to sugary sodas, even in third world countries. Also in Miami and New York the hotspots when it comes to health and fitness, innovation is limited and there is no healthy alternative for the millennial generation.

Purpose over Profit

LLADSrpR.jpgThe health trend is growing rapidly and food manufacturers are trying to respond with unhealthy products, constantly making compromises on quality. Unhealthy soda’s are packaged with green labels and juices are being sold as healthy, but in reality full of sugar and calories. Although we live in a hyper saturated consumer product market, innovation is limited. The market is dominated by a few suppliers with the main focus to maximize profits. 

Be the change you want to see and start with yourself. We cannot wait for government legislation; instead we believe in offering a healthy alternative for unhealthy beverages. It is our moral obligation to develop products which contribute to sustainable solutions for real problems within society. With a purpose driven approach we developed Predator Endurance® with our company Golden Global Innovations, 3 years ago.

predator-refrigoratorTwo young ambitious girls with their start-up company in this billion-dollar industry with killing competition in crisis seemed impossible, but we knew exactly what we wanted. We created world’s first healthy natural endurance drink, Predator Endurance®. Predator Endurance is the game-changer, a sustainable source of mental and physical endurance to succeed in your daily activities. Predator is based on sparkling water with functionalities. The Predator blend contains unique adaptogenic botanicals, vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants, without sugar spikes and crashes. We distance ourself from energy and ‘killer drinks’, by creating a new beverage category ‘Endurance’, without sugar, calories and caffeine. We make healthy cool for the new generations, with a stylish design. Predator is innovative and its impact is threefold; make the world a healthier place for the next generations, support the protection of wildlife and reduce humanity’s ecological footprint.

The revolution in performance – the new generation

Being physically and mentally fit will improve the quality of life and helps you strive for success. Nutrition is all about ‘what does it do for me’. We live in a concrete jungle and are disconnected from our natural instinct. We need to go back to nature and learn from wildlife and their strengths. It is not the strongest of the species that survives, it is the one that is most adaptable (adaptogenic botanicals) to change. Therefore, Predator is more than a drink, it is a mindset and a lifestyle. Predator Endurance inspires you to discover your talent, instinct, true potential to be thirsty for success and on top of the food chain.

Plan of Attack

ahHealthy should be easy and convenient. That’s why we launched in the most innovative and healthy convenient stores in the Netherlands, the AH To Go. They provide healthy solutions on the go and support Predators’ health mission.

As millennial consumers we are constantly asking ourselves do we want to be approached like that? We are millennial generation entrepreneurs and don’t believe in distributive marketing strategies, because millennials are not influenced by false advertisement. We value authenticity and purchase products where we can identify ourselves with. We believe in community building and that’s where the Predator Tribe is for. We don’t have customers, we have valuable Predator Tribe members and pack leaders who are our Predator ambassadors. They stand for the product and our health mission for people, planet and predators.

All businesses have to ask themselves how can we serve and inspire others? Instead of maximizing profits we need to redefine success and redesign business models. In a world where we can combine strengths, we can become changemakers together. Nothing is impossible, there are limitless opportunities to get to the place where we need to be. All you have to do is follow your instinct.

Bianca & Natasha de Jong

Founders of Predator Endurance®

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