SalaryBar® believes in #FairPay for all, receive a 95% accurate, free salary indication by filling out the form below. Our model is unbiased, we do not use gender, religion or race.  Your LinkedIn profile information is entered manually. After we have shared your salary we will delete the data, to guarantee full confidentiality.

Your salary, the value you bring to work every day, deserves more than just a quick and general benchmark which is designed to target advertising revenue.

fearless girl

At SalaryBar® we’re fans of New York’s Fearless Girl. Fearless Girl is meant to “send a message” about workplace gender diversity and encourage companies to recruit women to their boards. The plaque below the statue stated: “Know the power of women in leadership”. SalaryBar is proud of Fearless Girl, go girl together we will change the world.

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“Time for blind salary negotiations is over. SalaryBar® is an innovative tool that help you to negotiate a fair compensation according to the value you bring to the company. It provides you extra self-confidence facing both a new position negotiation or into an internal promotion. I confirm the 90-110% accuracy in my own experience, I am recommending SalaryBar® to my professional network!” Eva Vidal Garcia

“Finally, a transparent algorithm that gives unbiased guidance and is >95% accurate in its salary estimations. A great step towards achieving FairPay for every role.” Nyckle Sijtsma industrial designer