Mission-driven leaders help all employees and managers understand why their company exists. They boldly affirm what the company hopes to achieve and push toward the desired results.

Read any interview with Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, and he will always refer to the mission. He credits Facebook’s achievement of expanding from 1,700 to 12,000 employees in five years, and still having a high performing culture, to adherence the mission. In a Fast Company interview Zuckerberg said:

“Facebook’s mission is to give everyone in the world the power to share, and to make the world more open and connected. Connecting the world is one of the fundamental challenges of our generation, so this is a long-term effort. As long as we stay focused on that mission, we’re going to keep attracting talented people who share the same goal and want to make it a reality.”

Marie-Claire Ross, GAICD

CEO & Founder, Trustologie, Helping Organisations Trust their People to do the Right Things anywhere between 20%-67%

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