Brexit is not a done deal. And it won’t be until 29 March next year. At any point up to then, the Brits can change their minds and stay in the EU. There are no winners of Brexit, the populist politiciancs who won all left.

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The most realistic path to stop Brexit is to get a “people’s vote” on the deal that Theresa May negotiates – and then win that vote.

The mission to STOP BREXIT – #FBPE

NOTE: F1N1SH does not have the ambition to stop the Brexit. We aim to learn from this mission. If you want to actively engage, contribute and learn then join the F1N1SH teamroom by clicking here.


There is no “one leader”, moving this mission. These (ex)politicians are leading the Stop Brexit endeavor; John Major, Tony Blair, Michael Heseltine,Ken Clarke and Nicholas Soames.

Lord Kerr, a vocal opponent of Brexit, adds weight to the campaign launched last month by Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart and a number of members of parliament.

The main challenge for this mission is to get a seat at the table. Right now Theresa May is pushing the brexit in direct negotiation with the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier.


Most politicians are toeing the line that Brexit is inevitable. That’s the official policy of both the Tory government and the Labour opposition. It also appears to be the view of the BBC which, as a result, doesn’t give much air time to the possibility that we can stop Brexit.

The ABC team should push all media channels to boost their message (twitter, linkedin, facebook, printed media, do a stunt,…)


Mobilize all allies, from EU celebrities, to sports legends. Identify powerful friends of the mission and activate them. The pro-Brexit leaned towards a stronger US bond. The recent visit of the US president, changed that vision.

FT: The People’s Vote campaign is one of a number of efforts by opponents challenging Brexit. This week, 40 Scottish “civil society figures”, including politicians, historians, academics and charity leaders, signed a public declaration pledging to work with “people and organisations of all views” to keep Scotland in the EU.


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