FORTUNE – Businessperson of the year 2020 – (December 2020) – click here for the full article.

“Through sheer force of will and a healthy dose of operating genius, Musk has built an electric-auto maker and battery manufacturer..”. In the past three years Tesla has averaged revenue growth of 52%. Elon Musk has the same number of hours in the day as the rest of us. Musk is the Rocket man, the Iron man, … He is an ambition-emitting entrepreneur who has enough executive aptitude to make the impossible possible. He is a designer, a technologist, and a Renaissance man without peer. He is a turnaround artist with astonishing verve and little apparent fear.

Musk is a taskmaster who plays fast and loose with the rules.

“If you didn’t properly prepare, he will know. And he will remember.” “He really is, most of the time, the smarter guy in the room. He will think through decision trees quickly and thoroughly, 10 to 15 chess moves in advance.”


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