“Nobody bleeds with the prince in the palace. Get out there on the goddamn front line and show them that you care, and that you’re not just in some plush office somewhere.”

“Instead of obsessing over spreadsheets, executives should walk factory floors or interact with more customers. Innovation often doesn’t come through one breakthrough idea but a relentless focus on continuous improvement.”

Our industry needs to change too.

Too many traditional firms, like the McKinsey’s and the Big4, focus on building theoretical reports with fancy slides and overcomplicated analyses. They forget what it’s really about; driving tangible business impact. That’s why we choose a radically different business model, working with people from industry, that are hands-on and focus on real business impact. Who have been in our clients’ shoes and understand their challenges. And rather go to the factories to work with the local teams, than spending their full day talking to executives at HQ.

click here for the full Wall Street Journal article.

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