1. No large meetings unless they’re of value to the entire audience. Keep them short.
  2. Don’t have frequent meetings unless the matter is truly urgent. Resolve it; stop meeting.
  3. If you are not adding value to a meeting, walk out or drop off the call.
  4. Don’t use acronyms and nonsense words for objects, software, or processes.
  5. Avoid any terms that require explanation because they inhibit communication.
  6. Communicate directly with individuals rather than through a chain of command.
  7. Any manager enforcing chain-of-command communication will be fired.
  8. Don’t follow any “company rule” that doesn’t make common sense.
  9. Ideas that increase productivity or happiness are always welcome.
  10. Contractors who can’t find an employee to vouch for them will be fired.
  11. Never do anything that would make a great Dilbert cartoon.

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