OUTNR. is proud to highlight a game changing member; Saskia Nijs. Saskia Nijs is part-time PhD candidate at the VU, columnist at “Financieel Dagblad”, employee at Philips and speaker and advisor on the 21st century organization. Besides all of that she is mother of 2 daughters (twins), wife of a nerd, and living in Amsterdam.

“In these times where careers are changing and the definitions of ambition is not climbing the corporate ladder anymore, it is crucial to build networks where innovative, ambitious and rule breaking people can connect. Collaboration and support are very important foundations for success. Not your personal success but the success of a group of professionals to make change happen. Therefore a network like www.OUTNR.com is so important. Connect, learn, share, be brave, ambitious and respectful.”

saskia 3.jpgThe last five years I have set myself the goal to once become the Minister of Education. My personal ambition is to facilitate the full potential of people in the Netherlands. With that I have 2 goals: firstly, to make people happier to work and live and secondly to contribute to an innovative knowledge economy in our country. The solution to this is for me the potential of the people. Did you know that 80% of all employees do not feel involved in their work?”

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For me the way to contribute is to do a PhD about new forms of organization and systems. How can you facilitate to make people flourish? I also try to make people look, think and act differently via my monthly column in the “Financieel Dagblad” and to speak at conferences. As a volunteer I am involved in my children’s schools and TedXAmsEd. Through my work at Philips I remain involved in daily practice. All this with the dream to make impact on an even greater scale and to contribute to the innovation of our legacy systems such as education, unions, organizations, income distributions etc.

Saskia is a member of “Inspiring Fifty“; The Netherlands may be small, but the country has some serious technology talent. They are the 50 most inspiring women in tech in the Netherlands who are challenging the status quo in 2017 in alphabetical order.

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