Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 07.40.35.pngFor decades companies and consultancies are working hard to crack the code for perfect teamwork. The outcome continues to result in the number 5, or 4.6 to be more precise. In order to achieve high performance the team members need to trust each other, and need to be willing to go the extra mile and provide critical feedback. Healthy friction can only be achieved in a compact team with a shared goal. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 07.17.37.png“My rule of thumb is that any meeting with more than 5 people is more of a gathering, appropriate for info sharing, not for intense and highly engaging discussions. Dare to be critical who should be invited and de-invited.

The same almost applies for teams. Optimal teams: max 5.

Form project teams with specialists by topic, theme or challenge, depending on who you need. So everyone has a base team (hierarchical) and works in multiple other teams.”

Ivo Oerlemans (OUTNR. member, EMEA Commercial Director at Celanese.

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original_images-Google-entrance_257791CREDIT: Courtesy Google

Summary of Inc.’s article by Michael Schneider (click on the image above for the full article):  Through Google’s research, ideas, and practices on people operations, Julia Rozovsky, Google’s people analytics manager, outlined the five key characteristics of enhanced teams:

  • Dependability. Team members get things done on time and meet expectations.
  • Structure and clarity. High-performing teams have clear goals, and have well-defined roles within the group.
  • Meaning. The work has personal significance to each member.
  • Impact. The group believes their work is purposeful and positively impacts the greater good.
  • Psychological Safety. We’ve all been in meetings and, due to the fear of seeming incompetent, have held back questions or ideas. I get it. It’s unnerving to feel like you’re in an environment where everything you do or say is under a microscope.

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