Roald Tromp – My mission? Big question. Small answer. In a world where fake it till you make it seems to be the standard, my mission is authenticity in every sense of the word. After working in different roles, industries and cultures I found my passion in CBDSPORTS.

CBD stands for cannabidiol. One of the more than 100 molecules found in the cannabaceae plant family. Although born and raised in Amsterdam I have never been a big fan of using marijuana in the famous coffeeshops. My passion was, and still is sports. On first sight cannabis and sports do not mix well together. Since a couple of years that has changed due to the discovery of benefits of using the non- psychoactive component of hemp for athletes and active people. Crazy industry because of the lack of regulation, stigma, and hyped emerging market. Lots of opportunist entering the industry looking to make a quick buck. I try to break the stigma and communicate open and honest on what to expect from thousands of brands and with tenfold of products being offered. Cannabinoids helped me dealing with chronic pain in my knees due to arthritis and since three years I have surrounded myself with athletes for honest feedback.

Portret.jpg“Athletes can rise to the occasion. When that moment happens it’s because of surrounding themselves with the right people who help them get the maximum result of all their hard work. I see the resemblance in Rizeclub where we rise to the occasion together.” Roald Tromp Public Speaker, blogger, consultant, advisor, sales & marketing agency for sports Nutrition & CBD Brands


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