RizeClub® is a vision, a club that supports you and your fellow members to rise to your greatest potential. Life time career care, for one million game changers. We want to really get to know you, understand your passion and your potential, and match your ambition with the needs of the most admired employers and startups out there.

We hope that that vision mobilizes you to join, and to invite the best professionals around you. To make sure this initiative reaches the required scale we will reward the first 10.000 members with a 0.001% equity share (10% of the company). At 100.000 members the annual recruitment value of the club’s community will reach >80 million € annually…… And we aim to reach a million members by 2025.

Your career is yours, it is not owned by your employer, or your employer’s HR department. Click here to apply and own it.


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