Imagine a club that has only one purpose; to maximize the development of its members. RizeClub® is a revolutionary concept that does just that – you are the center of our strategy. We have no obligations towards shareholders, no interest to maximize our brand value or share prices. We want to build an exclusive community of game changers, and care for their career – not to earn a one time recruitment fee, but to support your continuous rise.

We are the HR department of your dreams. We are a truly free agent, we can match your ambitions and development needs with the most admired employers on the planet, with small agile startups or mega multinationals. Together we will find the optimum for you.

  • We match you with the hottest job openings at our “most desired employers”.
  • We introduce you to other members and support peer to peer coaching and inspiration. Both online in our members only portal as well as during members MEETUPS.
  • Get inspired with the best articles, podcasts, books,… by peer members.


There is no short cut, or time pressure on our strategy, we will grow through member referral. Each member introduced 2 women and 2 men to the community, true game changers that really make a difference. Our members are heroes, people who make a positive impact on the teams and organizations they work in. C-suite executives who steer multinationals ahead of the curve, graduates who think differently, founders who create brands, supply chain gurus who design optimal distribution strategies, project managers who get everything done….


We are all heroes.

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