“OUT OF OFFICE”, or OOO messages. We are living in a globally connected world, where urgent matters are not followed up through mail. At least I would always call, text or App in case of urgent support need. Is it just me or do you agree that an “out of office” message during a 3 days business trip is not adding any value. Actually it creates a burden for the person that has sent you the email. I never expect an immediate response to mails, and in parallel I expect that you are able to read an email while travelling; even planes have wifi these days. Let alone hotels, and 4G networks are covering the globe…. What are your thoughts/best practices? 

Some use scheduled OOO message that only send out auto replies during time that they are traveling with limited or no connection. “I worked with people literally hiding behind their OOO message even when they are back in office.

Is there a best practice to help destress both sender and receiver? How many people are utilising different message for internal and outside organisation settings.

I think out of office should be an aid for people to find a better way to reach you, either your mobile or app or physically arrange meeting if the OOO message offers traveling location especially for internal sites.”

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