In this video Guy Kawasaki shares how to make waves, and drive breakthrough.

Jump to the next curve. Too many companies duke it out on the same curve. If they were daisy wheel printer companies, they think innovation means adding Helvetica in 24 points. Instead, they should invent laser printing. True innovation happens when a company jumps to the next curve–or better still, invents the next curve, so set your goals high. Click here for Guy’s site.

Catherine Moulds – Great empowering video. I like learning that connects the dots. Jump to the next curve takes alot of quantitative accumulation, this resulting in qualitative change. Love the term DICEE : deep, intelligent, complete, empower, elegant

Caspar Jans – I really like the first point: make meaning. Too much shallowness going on in the world lately, first focus on making an impact with your innovation, an impact on the world that is!

Joost d’Hooghe – I like Guy’s “jump to the next curve” statement.

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