Matthieu Leroy is building a circular business model based startup, called STRATA, after 8 years working for Inter IKEA Systems B.V. (the last two years focussing on the business model innovation part of the Circular IKEA transformation).

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STRATA ⎯ Furniture that changes to fit your life ⎯ is a new category of furnishing services for landlords and a new opportunity for tenants to finally feel at home when renting (more info on The first vertical we are focussing on are PBSA landlords owning at least 100 student apartments in a building (PBSA = Purpose-Built-Student-Accomodation).

STRATA splits home furnishing products in layers of pace:

laptop bench

Skin Layers (the part you can see and touch) are personal, portable and recyclable. They are sold to tenants like fashion on the high-street  and by communities of local craftsmen focusing on different niches (high/low-end, families, students). Tenants can also buy and download the digital blueprint to make it by themselves.

Base Layers (the structural part) are standard, durable and can easily be reconfigured to make various types of furniture frames. They are leased to landlords in long-term and full-service packages, therefore encouraging circularity and environmental responsibility.

Data Layers are specifically designed to capture usage data to help tenants live a healthier life at home.

STRATA is getting good traction from Circular Economy experts (The Ellen MacArthur foundation will soon feature STRATA as one of the best example of a circular business model in their online Circular Design guide made with IDEO and STRATA has just been selected as a 2017 Innovator in Design and Manufacturing due to its transformative and disruptive potential for a more circular economy).

STRATA is aiming to  my win at least 5 contracts or letter of intent with PBSA landlords (🚀 = 500 apartments furnished for 5 years). We have assessed that this vertical is the best to start STRATA’s engine.


disruptIf you want to know more, STRATA will host a session at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation ́s 2017 Disruptive Innovation Festival. Watch our talk live on the 7th of November, 16:00 GMT or  Subscribe to STRATA’s newsletter