“Show the team that you are well balanced, work hard, play hard. Print this “pirate” flag and put it on your whiteboard. Everyone loves a bit of Jack Sparrow to let off steam.” Joost d’Hooghe

The time you spend creating & working should be laser focused, but so should the time you spend kicking back like a lounge lizard.

Work smart, do good things, make advancements in your job, business or industry, and then fell free to take off that hat to put on your pirate’s stylish tri-corner for the swashbuckling adventures to begin. When it’s time to get stupid, don’t hesitate, and just get stupid once in awhile. Have a few drinks if you desire, and enjoy some recreational diversions to get yourself recharged and refreshed.

Balance is an important part of life and should be considered in all that you do. Don’t overthink things and fear the unknown. Attack life face first and realize the limitless potential to be had in all facets of your day to day work/play scenarios.

Thank you @sandstorm / STEEMIT.com

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