Melle Ketting started a sharing on the importance of a night of solid sleep. Rizers Chantal Frederiks ,  Joost d’Hooghe , Sampo von Raesfeld and Colette Grosscurt joined the conversation. Here is an abstract of the discussion in the RizeClub members area:

Elizabeth C. Nelson talked about the correlation between burn-outs and hours of sleep. Below are the poll results of the Rizers, 46% of our members sleep 7 hours, on slept less than 5, and nobody sleeps more than 8 hours.

One member shared; I suffer from chronic insomnia. Have been by doctors, sleep centers and nothing seems to really help. I average about 3,5 hours per night, and in interrupted periods.

“One member recommends meditation as well, heard good stories about it from others. But would try to do it without a device / screen. Another thing that could help, but is a bit more rigorous and requires some stamina, is a complete break from all your activities (including sports), regular context and people for at least a week or 2, to reset your body and mind completely. Also food and timing of it could have an impact on your body rhythm, so can also recommend looking at that.”

“Spirituality is something “the West” abandoned massively. I am not religious, but I do see a parallel between cultures where people are more spiritual and their balance. I just listened to podcasts where people are building their own “prayer” room in their house to digitally detox, I am far away from that, but will aim to start light meditation.”

“I think it is good to tune in with your mind and body every now and then, especially like you say since we’ve lost some connections there. I do yoga sometimes, for me that helps. But indeed short meditation can be a great tool as well!”

“Did you check vitamine b12 and D?”

“After 2 weeks trying the breathwork mentioned above, I am more than happy, really!!!!, to share with you that falling asleep is getting easier by the day. Still the sleeping light and interrupted at some points, but last week I achieved 6 hours of sleep in 2 go’s.

A good night’s sleep means winning

Expert argues that for athletes, “sleep could mean the difference between winning and losing.;“sleep influences more than stamina, coordination and muscular power: Czeisler points out that lack of sleep can lead to delayed reaction times, loss of control over emotions, and impaired consolidation of memories – all of which matter when playing ball.

The optimal amount of sleep for an average person varies, but Mah and Czeisler each said it is around eight hours — though NBA players might need at least nine.

Many NBA players take pregame naps — Miami’s LeBron James and the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant swear by them — and Mah and Czeisler said that naps are a good power boost that can last for a few hours, but naps and caffeine can’t replace a night of proper sleep.” img_6126

TED talks about sleep

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One important tip is to schedule a “nightshift” on your phone from eg 20.00 hr, reducing the blue light emission.

A quick bodyscan of 15 minutes can help you through the day and has a long term effect on your health. You will make new connections in your brains and you will be more social and emphatic. On top your focus will increase. Bodyscan is a form of meditation, it starts with good breathing you can find many on Spotify or YouTube.