BOOK REVIEW by member Peter J.M. Simons.

When you read business books you wonder if it would be possible to compact the content into 4 to 5 pages. In most cases the answer is yes. Even the Seven Habits by Stephen Covey, one of my favorites, can be found all over the web in condensed versions. Now selling books is a business and the number of pages, read kilos, is important to get a publisher on board.

Peter Simons.jpgWorking myself in radio, talking in public often, selling and even teaching I claim that I can give a valid opinion about this book. I will give you the reasons why you must get a copy.

Having read the The Right Kind of Loud by Kim A. Page I got a totally different opinion about this self-improvement book. This book avoids the long filler content (I met with the CEO of a 5B company, etc.), therefore every page has good content and exercises. Like a training course almost, however not one that the Monday after a training course goes onto the shelf and life continuous in the office. This book is really about communications, a skill we continuously need to improve in a loud world.

Very appealing is that it is written out of experience by the author herself. Including her failures. Communications is transmitting rational and emotions. Without emotions the message will not that well be perceived. The book itself is written that way, a balanced combination of rational and emotions. It avoids dry academic content, seen by many as boring.

Business books are sometimes very American and during reading you hear a voice telling you, ok but this won’t work in my environment and culture.  The Right Kind of Loud is a global book with experiences from three continents, truly global. Written by a polyglot that speaks 6 languages.

Reading you will recognize the examples that we all stumble upon. Exercises are given how you can avoid these awkward situations. Let me point out that the exercises are indexed in the last chapter, with a reference to the text. You have the information what to do now right at your fingertip. Therefore, this is a book meant to kept in your bag. The size is perfect, not too long, not too short. No need to read the chapters in the printed order. No time?  Read what you need to know.

I enjoyed that the stories link with other fields of expertise, giving the book a holistic component. This makes it understandable and for those in sales there are some handy explanations. Don’t forget the author sells her services to her clients. As such the content is practical and proven.

Waiting now for the sequel….


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