RizeClub® is a small club of Big Minds; we are diverse, curious, capable and caring. We are a community “beyond likes”, with real conversations by real people. 

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We meet in the members only community platform, engage with the people you do not know, yet…

Imagine a club that has only one purpose; to make sure you, our members, rise to your maximum potential, enjoy the  #RiseTogether. RizeClub® is a revolutionary club that does just that. Similar networks charge thousands of Euros for memberships, we only require an active participation 🙂

Ray Dalio, the world’s most successful fund manager said it best; “Those that do best both see a wide range themselves while triangulating well with other brilliant people who see things in different, complementary ways.”

We introduce you to other members and support peer to peer coaching and inspiration. Both online in our members only portal as well as during members MEETUPS.

Get inspired with the best articles, podcasts, books,…  suggested by peer members.

Our members are heroes, people who make a positive impact on the teams and organizations they work in. C-suite executives who steer multinationals ahead of the curve, graduates who think differently, founders who create brands, supply chain gurus who design optimal distribution strategies, professional skateboarders, project managers who make Mars missions possible….

Learn how to “WORK LIKE A CAPTAIN & PLAY LIKE A PIRATE 🏴‍☠️”  Joost d’Hooghe, RizeClub® founder and ambassador.

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