The Powerful Tip That Helps Kellyn Smith Kenny Stay Committed to Her Goals

The Powerful Tip That Helps Kellyn Smith Kenny Stay Committed to Her Goals
In her Thrive Questionnaire, the Chief Marketing Officer at Hilton opens up about prioritizing, building healthy habits, and staying consistent.: “I divide my work into 4 buckets: (1) Urgent & Important, (2) Not Urgent & Important, (3) Urgent & Unimportant, and (4) Not Urgent & Unimportant.  I start by tackling everything in the first bucket. Once that’s done, I move on to the second bucket.  And everything that falls into the third or forth buckets get deprioritized… permanently.”  Read the full article on Thrive Global by clicking here (By Kellyn Smith Kenny, Chief Marketing Officer at Hilton)


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I make sure I have 3 main goals, and for each have a nr of projects to achieve them. Within the projects I add the concrete actions, for myself and my team. I constantly review those actions in Microsoft “to-do” and mark the important/urgent ones with a star. Also the “add to my day”  button helps, as well as adding a deadline. Another way to use this “to-do” system is to add #’s for the people with whom you want to discuss these actions. Before your dialogue or meeting just filter for #MarkM… #LisaW… edit during the meeting, and you’re always prepared/to the point. Joost d’Hooghe

I try to prioritize by the effect on others. First do thing they need so they can proceed, then i do my own stuff. Melle Ketting

I give most importance to tasks for which I´m the bottleneck for the progress to continue. I guess it´s similar to what Melle Ketting says. Has any of you read (and applied) what is stated on “The one thing”? I find its proposition only aplicable in simple (not very common) scenarios. Pablo Ortiz

Prioritization comes with urgency and related to that as Melle Ketting and Pablo Ortiz already stated, when I can have a positive impact on the progress of someone else it’s most rewarding to get it done first. Also checking off small and relatively ‘easy’ (little time required) activities can be very efficient ensuring focus on other things once they are done. Olga Goor

Stay focus is vital in dealing with multiple projects, priorities and deadlines. I pretty much use same 4 quadrants analysis on what’s urgent and important compare to what’s urgent but not important. Delegate, empower and utilise team resources. Most important of all : Do one thing at a time! No matter how talented you are, human brain works best at single tasking. I would encourage all my colleagues and friends to bin their to do list. Instead, use the priority analysis and write down one focus at a time, finish it well then move on to next. Don’t attempt to write everything you need to do at once, you will end up be overwhelmed just by looking at your tasks. Complete one thing at a time feel accomplished, take a 15mins break then move on to the next one. You will find by end of the day you are able to accomplish a lot more than you think.

Stay active and rest well is also important in keeping  the high level of energy to help us stay focused 🙂. Catherine Moulds

Taking a break from everything to see the “big picture” (the environment, its elements and conditions) in addition to doing whatever is necessary to attain clarity (identifying your goals and how they will look like once completed while measuring their impact in the community). After that, identifying the processes to execute becomes much easier 😊🌱 although it all depends on the problem at hand, no single solution can be applied everywhere. Diego Torres

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