John Eades Great leaders give constructive feedback day in and day out. While formal performance reviews are becoming old-fashioned, this does not mean they are ineffective. If performance reviews produce great results for your organization, ensure you do these three things:

Get data from more than just yourself.

Data from coworkers or team members can frequently provide the most insight into the positive and negative behaviors of an individual.

Relay data on an going basis.

An alternative to sharing performance data once a quarter or once a year is finding a way to share live data on an ongoing basis. Providing people with a means to be informed on how they are doing across results, behaviors, teamwork, positivity, or work ethic.

Be a great coach.

Great coaches live out Aristotle’s famous quote, “Education of the mind without education of the heart isn’t education at all.” Get inside the heart of your team members and drive their best self out by building upon their strengths and improving deficient behaviours.

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