On May 24th OUTNR. members Jacqueline HazewinkelRichard van
DeldenMelle KettingWouter MertensWenWen XinAsha LalaiRobin van
Dierendonck and Joost d’Hooghe met at the Amsterdam members meetup. 

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Some of the recommendations that were made during this inspiring event:

  • Richard van Delden’s Book tip: Turn the Ship Around by David Marquet
  • Melle Ketting “My favorite book: Nelson Mandela’s Biography – The
    Long Walk to Freedom Favorire articel: Google’s pattern for succesfull team’s
    Favorite podcast (workrelated): BNR’s De Technoloog (in Dutch) Favorite podcast (hobbyrelated): Bill Simmons Podcast about NBA (on the Ringer)”
  • WenWen Xin: “I am reading ‘Sapiens/ a brief history of humankind’ and ‘machine platform crowd’ both not finish yet and both are highly recommended.”
  • Asha Lalai: “Solve for Happy – Mo Gawdat The Joy of Leadership – dr. Tal Ben-Shahar”
  • Robin van Dierendonck ” I would definitely recommend Abundance: the future is better than you think.”
  • Joost d’Hooghe – “Deep work”

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