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Kristina Sutton, “I am from Seattle, Washington. When I was 18 y.o. I moved to Paris, France for my degree in international business from the American University of Paris. It was a fantastic few years – I met my best friends and cultivated love for food, fashion, and business. I worked for 6 months in Johannesburg following graduation, and then went for my Masters in business management at Vlerick Business School in Gent, Belgium. 
Professionally, I am based in Gent working with Showpad – a rocketship of a company with a bright future in technology for sales and marketing excellence. According to Aberdeen, companies who implement a sales enablement tool such as Showpad see a 13% revenue growth rate, 3x that of companies without this technology. It is B2B sales and marketing 2.0, which we are really excited about ! ”


MBTI: “PROTAGONIST”, ENFJ (-A/-T), Charismatic and inspiring leaders, able to mesmerize their listeners.

Kristina is member of OUTNR. subgroups digital and sales.

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