Brendon Burchart shares his view on High Performers in this Huffpost extract;

1. Clarity

High Performers have uncommon clarity about three things: (a.) who they are, (b.) what they desire and, (c.) how they intend to perform and interact with other people. By knowing these things, they can stay true to themselves, in their zone, and highly intentional. Without clarity, there is no way you can reach high performance. With clarity you are focused and limitless.

2. Energy

High Performers experience and generate heightened and sustained levels of energy through training, discipline and focus. You can literally feel their energy because they’ve become present, vibrant and strong through their choices, nutrition, and conditioning.

3. Courage

High Performers are more likely than others to speak up for themselves and to take more risks and bolder actions. They are intentionally courageous, knowing that their decisions and actions are forming a character that is either weak or strong. Their courage helps them get ahead because, when everyone else quits at the first signs of criticism or difficulty or risk, they march on.

4. Productivity

High Performers simply produce more in the same amount of time as everybody else. They get into experiences deeper than others, and they become more efficient and prolific as well. That’s why they get ahead faster. How do they become more productive? They have more clarity, energy and courage!

5. Influence

High Performers have better people skills; they give others more time, attention and caring, and as a result, other people admire, respect and help them. Their kindness and generosity draws people in, and often helps them be elevated to leadership positions. They simply tend to be exceptionally caring, good, fully contributing human beings.

The most important lesson I’ve learned is that High Performers are not born; they are conditioned by habit and practice. Sharpen, heighten and hone these five areas of High Performance and you will start to experience what we call The Charged Life!

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Brendon Burchard in Huffpost