Why invest in I’s?

That’s right, we are the world’s first company to invest in individuals. We believe that successful organizations are the result of successful people. That’s why we want to invest in you.

Who is “you”?

You are the game changers, the people who move mountains. Someone recommended you as one of their top 3 (women) + 3 (men) relations. Maybe you have the best people development skills, project management execution, passion to change the climate, commercial drive to sell the most…, it does not matter, you were noticed. We invest time and energy into professionals in all fields, graduated and experienced people close to retirement, from Tokyo to Eindhoven. The only people we do not invest in are politicians, or people who hate, polarize, stigmatize, discriminate…..

What does “investing” mean?

We will invest time and energy into your personal development. Not for a few years, or during one job, for life, spanning your full career. Our youngest members are graduates. As a minimum we engage through a quarterly call and a monthly mail. We want to learn about your passion, the missions you are on, to truly understand where you are and how we can support you to reach your next level. We might introduce you to a relevant expert, fellow member, recommend books, training,….


First of all we think it is a cool thing to build the world’s largest talent pool. There are 300 million “professionals” on LinkedIn, we believe that only 0,1% of those make the difference. When we reach our first 10.000 members, our members will be theoretically able lead APPLE+AMAZON+NIKE+UNICEF+GREENPEACE+PFIZER+ hundreds of startups. That value will bring our return, our matchmaking service will make headhunting and recruitment obsolete. We will know when our members are ready for a new challenge well before any corporate HR department is aware. We will know what our members’ ambitions and passions are, what they want to develop, and where.

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