To achieve a high performance culture where employees feel at home, part of a family implement some of these principles of the Inc article; they will create stronger ties between your brand and its human talent.

1. Display your humanity

Becoming human-centric rather than profit-centric may involve a shift in thinking and priorities. However, it can transform the way employees and job candidates feel about working for you. Consider taking teams on research trips for shared experiences and team-building collaboration, encouraging more cross-pollination between traditionally siloed departments, or simply making it easier for employees to be their “weekend selves” at work.

2. Be present with and available for your team

Simply conducting more face-to-face meetings as opposed to relying on email or Slack can transform you from a remote executive to someone they want to work beside. For remote workers, make the effort to Google Hangout or FaceTime more regularly.

3. Make project ownership possible

It’s easy to give an employee a project and see what happens. It’s much harder to make sure the employee feels a sense of ownership about the assignment. Before handing out duties, sit down with employees and talk about the variables. Ask them what resources they require for success and how they plan to tackle any problems. Follow up with a post-project powwow to discuss stumbling blocks and accomplishments in an objective, non-judgmental way. Treat these meetings not as times to fault-find but to learn and reflect together. Ideally, you want to get to a point where employees come to you for feedback but retain ownership over their decisions.

4. Become a side-hustle cheerleader

The general philosophy among many leaders is they don’t care whether their employees pursue outside interests as long as those pursuits don’t affect their work performance. This hands-off, minimal acceptance–in contrast to whole-hearted encouragement–can create distance between the employer and employee. It can also lead a team member to become secretive if his or her side hustle starts to get bigger.

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