We asked the members of the RizeClub movement which aspects will have the biggest impact on 2022?

The choices where;

  • A. data, analytics and digital,
  • B. politics
  • C. big companies
  • D. people, influencers

The answers where amazingly condensed, and skewed. 50% voted for data, and the other 50% voted people.

Frank Jan Mutsters“I think it will be extremely important for companies to get their data in order as there is so much to be learned now more and more things are happening digitally (accelerated by covid). The companies that do will be successful. But also looking broader, data will make a huge difference. For example covid, what can be learned from data to deal with these kind of pandemics. How can we improve treatments, what are best measurements to stop spreading etc etc. But of course you need people to make this happen :).” Frank Jan Mutsers

Melle Ketting – “Friends will win! In real life and business”

Join the RizeClub, a club that has only one purpose; to make sure you, our members rise to their maximum potential. And that you enjoy the  #RiseTogether. “WORK LIKE A CAPTAIN, PLAY LIKE A PIRATE 🏴‍☠️”.

RizeClub® is a revolutionary club that does just that. We are a global and diverse community of real people. Curious, capable and caring. Both in our online members’ area and physical meetups we actively exchange to #RiseTogether. Similar networks charge thousands of Euros for memberships, we only require an active participation 🙂

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