The only way to be sure that you and your team made the right decision is when you started off looking at all the options. That’s right, all the options. Those are not the obvious first three to five, but could be hundreds of options.

Daimler AG launches a new cloud platform for data-driven innovation

Microsoft, 20-02-2019

Daimler launched eXtollo, the company’s new cloud platform for big data and advanced analytics. Developed with Microsoft, the platform uses Azure Key Vault.

The solution paved the way for Daimler to migrate its data lake to the cloud, with eXtollo now serving internal business units around the world, including production, finance, sales, marketing and research. Hosted on Azure, the platform also enables more artificial intelligence (AI) projects that help Daimler accelerate innovation, better serve its customers and shape the future of mobility.

In the past, engineers worked on cars manually and physically. Now we can do the work much faster with data. We want to use data to benefit the customer, with improved safety and better services and products, so the customer can get more out of their car. It’s all about quality. As our company founder said, “The best or nothing.” That’s really what we say as well.

The Center of Excellence department was founded five years ago to bring technology into the organization. We have a huge global team of data scientists and architects working with our business partners to solve problems, multiply the approaches and develop the platform based on global needs. We send our data scientists to conferences to get the latest insights. Some of our data scientists teach at universities, which connects us with academia. We are always up to date on the latest discussions to transform technology for the benefit of the organization.

BMW stimulates internal competition

BMW head of design Adrian van Hooydonk does not just come up with the best design for a new 5 series or hip mini. Adrian challenges all of BMW design stufios to compete for a new design. Receiving indepent designs from Munich, California and Shanghai allows the BMW design team to choose, and then build on these options.

Callaway competes through AI

Top golf brand Callaway used artificial intelligence (AI) to create 15,000 virtual prototypes for it’s new Epic Flash line. Traditionally five to seven physical prototypes would be used. Starting from 15,000 and then using simulation to create a shortlist of options allowed the company to develop the best driver in the golf market, receiving a 20 out of 20 score. source FORTUNE magazine March 2019

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