Change your team meeting duration to 25 or 55 minutes, the 5 minutes buffer will ensure an on time start.

Companies win through collaboration, bringing diverse talent together and solving the most relevant business challenges. Global matrix organizations, powered by video conferencing and collaborative tools are creating an increasingly competitive market.

Meetings are the magical moments were your organization’s collaborative energy is released. If you want your teams to finish first, you need to make sure they start in time, in sync. The reality is,…. over 40% of all meetings start late.

There is a simple and cheap way to make your teams start on time, not losing a single second. The trick is not to enforce an on time appearance, preventing the “sorry I’m late, my other meeting ran late” excuse, the magic is to finish early. Just change your standard meeting duration to 25 minutes and 55 minutes. Your colleagues will be grateful for the 5 minutes that they win, and people will be able to walk over to their next appointment without the “back to back” pressure. Imagine a company where every meeting starts on time, remember 25-55. F1N1SH FIRST. Joost d’Hooghe

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