paolo.jpegEver heard about Jishuken? this method is extremely efficient and sustainable. I’ve learn it from Toyota (one year working together) and introduced it successfully at Bosch, world wide! we call it “Speed Week’!

It can be applied to almost every topic which needs to be improved! It requires basically the six fundamentals for agile work…. Clear target derivation, dedicated team (I mean really dedicated! normally 6 members per leader, 2 leaders full time, one week long), a clear time window for team work, team boards for visualization (enabling better understanding), a fixed works place at the Gemba (meaning the place where the situation needs to be improved, not necessarily shop floor if the topic is not at the shop floor), frequent reporting (daily) enabling coaching, and last but not least a team coach! this way of working together proved times after times, world wide, as a huge success! it’s about putting around 600-800 efficient and effective hours of work in one week! Working hard and enjoying it as well!

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