We asked our members, do you have any learnings or tips for starting your first job after graduation? 

Joost d’Hooghe – My tip would be to talk to as many people as you can. Do not feel held back by seniority, titles, functions. Focus on your job, with your line manager agree what the deliverables are. Success and enjoy the ride.

Septian Waluyan – For me, always try to make great impression since day 1, and to have clear, tangible, and measurable impact and added value to the team or organization in 100 days 🙂

Ivo Oerlemans – My tip: ask many questions to many different colleagues. Understand how their work field relates to yours.

Marten Adema – Be humble and inquisitive. Carry a small notepad and a pen at all times and continue writing things down during the day. Not everyone does that and people will notice. Try to deliver a few ‘quick wins’. These are small tasks at hand that you can fully own and deliver. That gives you (and your new line manager) a feeling of accomplishment. Complete something tangible in the first 2 weeks, which is usually better than trying to tackle conceptually complex problems in the first month (do read up on it though!). Ask for a lot of feedback. Best of luck.