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The ability to utilize different aspects of TONE in communication on command is a critical tool that leaders need to develop.

Today’s remote and digital means of communication are helping all of us to continue to function in business and life. However, these forms of communication add further complexities to the already existing challenge communication has always posed: being heard and understood.

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Tone has everything to do with whether or not your words will act as a catalyst of impact. Tone has everything to do with whether or not you will cut through the noise.

If we haven’t matched up to our intention, word choice, meaning, and energy with the right emotion and vocal delivery tactics, an entirely different message can be understood then what was conveyed.

Sonic branding is one key aspect of sensory marketing that deals with the sense of hearing as a chief means of being remembered by an audience. You have an incredible opportunity to control the sound and use of your voice, much like a painter can control brushstrokes and paint to create the picture they want to convey.

The sound of our speaking voice can REPEL the active listening process versus create the environment conducive to generating a desire in our audience to gift you with their attention.

4 letters. One word. TONE. Bottom line: it’s the make or break of any communication.

Visual aids for your communication convey psychology and meaning. Sound and color are vibrational in nature. If TONE were the sum of your human energy, the energy of your message, the sound of your voice, and the characterization of your story, then a formula for tone might look like this:

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Effective Communication is the paintbrush of the 21st Century leader.

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