At RizeClub we are proud to share Jara Pascual‘s work on “Closing the gender investment gap”, how to achieve a more resilient, innovative, inclusive and balanced economy. A step towards unleashing the potential of women investors, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Joost d’Hooghe; as a proud parent of two amazing girls this is my favorite action: “DARE TO DREAM: Children from a young age onwards are often confronted with stereotypes. These stereotypes limit their dreams and perspectives. Instead, they should be inspired by role models, their direct environment, even the toys they play with, to enable them to make the choices to shape their future and follow their dreams. Our recommendation is to motivate women to inspire kids, with education, campaigns at all levels, encouragement of girls to become entrepreneurs and innovators. It is important to actively search for role models that are often not visible for kids and bring them inside the schools and in the media. In addition, communication about entrepreneurship and innovation needs to be adapted to kids.”

Also read the story of #FearlessGirl the statue on Wall Street, challenging the status quo by clicking here. Fearless Girl is meant to “send a message” about workplace gender diversity and encourage companies to recruit women to their boards. 


Profile photo of Jara PascualJara Pascual – CEO CollabwithCo-founder and Managing Director The WominvestObservatory (TWOO) Board Member K4I Forum in the European Parliament. Author book “Innovation and Collaboration in the Digital Era”

In collaboration with: Collabwith The WominvestObservatory The Knowledge4Innovation Forum BRUSSELS, MARCH 2021 #strongertogether. Read the full summary by clicking here or on the image capturing the 7 Balanced Economy Actions.