“8 Outside the Box Strategies for Successful Brand Management”

  • Rethink your brand logo
  • Cultivate innovation in customer service
  • Market your brand with strong content
  • Maintain consistency across platforms
  • Optimize brand authority through social media
  • Reinforce your core values in your branding campaigns
  • Engage in emotional brand storytelling
  • Invest in employee experience

Joost d’Hooghe; “In B2B I believe in a symbiosis between an improved digital e-commerce platform, powering the transactional information flow and a Customer Service team, which can focus on the relationships and to consult clients. The digital innovations allow moving from a classic transactional customer service to a true “inside sales” and customer relations team.”

Full article here by Jessica Robinson Entrepreneur.com November 27, 2021

From the entrepreneur.com article; Efficiency in customer service is a key differentiating factor between thriving businesses and dooming businesses.

Customers are also willing to pay a premium price for brands that offer excellent customer service. To substantiate, Nextiva concludes, Americans pay a 17 percent price premium to buy from brands that are known for credible customer service. Nextiva also cites that 70 percent of consumers have committed prolonged support to brands that deliver excellently on their service expectations. Therefore, the need of the hour is to drive constant innovation in customer service to improve brand positioning. The incorporation of customer self-service channels can be one of the most advanced innovations. State-of-the-art customer self-service portals can boost customer retention and brand reputation in an incredible way.

Customer self-service channels enable customers to resolve their service requests or queries on their own. To explain, with the help of chatbots, customer tutorials, virtual assistants, and guided instructions, customers will no longer have to depend on service executives.

To continue, as per Microsoft, more than 30 percent of US consumers find chatbot interactions very effective in dealing with their service requests on their own. In the near future, automated customer self-service portals will be a big thing. If you can win the trust of customers with great service, they will upscale your branding on their own!

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