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Fahd Malik engaged to the post with some relevant insights on the search battle between Google and Microsoft:

“Missing the market for these is not just search engines. The bigger usecase is in the world of O365, AzureDevOps, TFS, Azure, LinkedIn, Dynamics365, and many more products. Bling is in the products. The edge was created over time through acquisitions. MS is far ahead in the game. Google is a chaser. The best course of action for Google to take advantage of Bard is to go Android and wait for a war in September 2023. Mobile GPTs of Android and iOS…that’s the terrain for Google to capitalize on. It has lost the war on Windows, Githubs, Copilots and many products, to enter the turf of MS, Google has a lot to build. To build an advantage over Apple, Google has sufficient time. Prioritize! And by then we will be in the world of GPT4/5.. search engines have lost their charm long back.”

Thank you Fahd Malik, so you feel Google should chase Apple and not Microsoft?

MUBOA unless Google wants to build an empire as big as GitHub, O365, Dynamics, LinkedIn, Edge, Windows 11, there are limited avenues to compete for Google against Microsoft. MS is solid in which it can augment GPT4. Is the world limited to search engines?

The world is beyond that by sometime now. The war of GPTs and Bards will be seen on mobile OS, app integrations and OS developer Google will be able to build tremendous advantage through Pixels as well as Android over Apple and iOS. Let’s not forget, the majority of the users are Mobile friendly.

Google will not be able to compete on GitHub Copilot, AzureDevOps, TFS, and all the bling that was acquired by MS and accessible to its users, a major chuck of those customers being corporates.”

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