Podcast by the Fast Company magazine team:


Are morning people more productive than night owls? Do successful people have to give up work-life balance? Psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman and time management expert Laura Vanderkam busted some of the biggest productivity myths at the Fast Company Innovation Festival.

Recommended bits:

Minute 10.00 – Inbox zero can not be the goal, make sure you use email to achieve your goals. Inbox 40.000 is ok, as long as you get to do the most effective things to reach your goals.

Minute 22.36 – The more successful you get, the harder you need to work. Having more demand on your time then what’s available is great, it allows you to make choices and do the things that matter. It’s not that you need to do all of that. Include private and family items, and decide not to do less important work related things.

Minute 32.20 – Make your to-do list really short. Make sure to limit your activities to a manageable number of things, three is a “magic nr”.

Minute 33.20 – Re-framing is powerful, make sure to use language that is encouraging. Trigger your mind to think of positive challenge, rewards, learning vs anxiety and fear.

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