“SalaryBar is an amazing tool to assess your value in the job market and to be confident of asking your merited salary base. SalaryBar is a great tool for women because it’s a neutral AI algorithm which is not taking gender or other diversity bias into account. Women could be confident to ask for more salary than ever. I have already recommended it to my network”

Jara Pascual is the cofounder of Knowco Collabwith.

What is Knowco Collabwith?

Knowco Collabwith is a worldwide platform where businesses and professors can find each other to start working together for the purposes of knowledge transfer. Think of workshops, brainstorming sessions, whitepapers, presentations, strategy checks, testing products, innovation and research projects, and more.

The way to start is simple: Knowco Collabwith gives you an online platform to find each other, manage your communication and collaboration together from making the first request to legal contracting, invoicing and feedback.
If you want to know more, read our “How it works” section.

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Jara Pascual, Founder & CEO: Jara Pascual is an author and entrepreneur 
centered on Innovation. She is CEO and founder of Knowco Collabwith, an 
online platform bringing people together and encouraging collaborations 
online and offline. As Board Member of the Forum Knowledge4Innovation her 
voice is heard regularly at the European Parliament. She is also the host of
the Innovation Podcast "Business of Collaboration" and Book author of 
"Innovation & Collaboration in the Digital Era" from publisher @DeGruyter 
(coming in fall of 2020). Jara is a studied Engineer with an MBA writing 
about innovation management for different online magazines. She has worked 
for 15 years in Innovation Management doing transformational innovation 
culture and projects in a number of Fortune 500 Companies and R&D Labs.