The majority of all consultants and organizational experts agree that talent is the key to stay or become relevant as an organization. Specifically a diverse talent pool, will support you in achieving your long term business goals. Where a homogeneous workforce might win a sprint, a diverse pool will make sure you can sustain it in the long run and in a global market place.

Why Every Company Is Really In the Business of Talent, According to the CEO of Flywheel
Jeff Bezos: “Surround yourself with the right people.”
If you’re going to accomplish great things, you need a team of great people.

Notice how Bezos describes these people as “talented experts.” Aren’t all experts talented? In a sense, yes. But as years of research reveal, it’s not only about who is on the team, but how they work together. That’s why hiring is so important: You don’t simply want a bunch of “brilliant jerks,” as Netflix CEO Reed Hastings calls them. Rather, you want people who know what they’re doing, and have the necessary emotional intelligence to work well with others at the same time.


Look in new places to find diverse talent. For example the community.

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