Last week RizeClub members shared when they assume life to be back to “normal”, life as we were living it only 2 months back.

For those of you hoping for a short term outcome, tough luck. the majority of RizeClub members feel that life will not get back to normal. The way we interact with each other, the way we work, travel, live will probably be changed for good. And looking at some elements the change is good; mindfulness is increasing, respect for front line workers such as hospital staff grew, and our planet has been able to take a breath.


The outcome of our members pole:

  • Never – see the comments below.
  • In January 2021 – 21%
  • September 2020 – 15%
  • June 2020 – only 10%.
  • Other – see the comments below.

“This is the new normal. Question for me is, are we going back to old normal or even to next normal? How can we convert this opportunity??”.  New codes of behavior, connectivity and tolerance. “Glocal “ value chains? End of democracy? A back casting excercise within this community from 2022 to today would be quite interesting due to our backgrounds and expertise. Maybe worth giving it a virtual shoot with happy hour included??

“I honestly think this is a pivotal point in modern history. Economies will be changed forever”

“I think it depends on too many factors to predict anything.

Our January 2020 normal will never be normal again! We are changing. We will have a new way of seeing the world and a new normality.”


“My concern is that while the environment is likely to change (economically, politically & socially) human behavior might not. It would be interesting to do a poll in, say, a year’s time to ask people to what extent they still practice the “good” behaviors we are required to display now, like washing hands regularly, being grateful to those who keep us going (from medical personnel, to people working the cash register, to people who clean away our garbage). Here’s to hoping! ”

Finally we love how Professor G ( Scott Galloway) assesses the situation;


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