I have just started a new adventure, at a new company, in a new place. For me the best way to learn about the organization, the people and the market is to talk to people throughout the organization, to customers and suppliers, and to take notes; with a pen and on white A4 sheets of paper. I draw structures, write in bubbles, connect words,… The strange thing is; I never look back at those notes. The note taking is my way of registering the information, and uploading the information into my brain. Joost d’Hooghe

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Profile photo of Sampo von RaesfeldI also take notes, and never review them. And I am rather a listener than a visual guy, so I read things to myself, and in some presentations I avoid reading bullet points, just focus on the storyline. Also my notes are more around what could I do with what has been said rather than just the message being delivered.
Same as you now, I love expanding the comfort zone, reaching out and connecting. To create trust and prosperity among the local communities I am part of and to amplify their voices into the global network I have access to. Sampo von Raesfeld

Profile photo of Bas OvertoomI always carry a small notepad to take notes and draw out concepts in case I need to digest the information and similarly never reviewing it again. However, most of my time is spent listening and following the story, with only actionable parts written down later in OneNote for example. Fun exercise, made me (re) think of how I actually learn/absorb information. Bas Overtoom


Profile photo of Mariam Haddad1. Listen 2. Draw – concept / mind-maps / connections – insights 3. Words – key thoughts / internal gut insights observed not expressed 4. Whatever flows as a result of what convo has sparked – including next steps (I usually receive info like water intuitively so don’t want to lose that) 5. If possible – sum up in exchange what’s been heard, same page – then next steps for clarity. I do review my notes as there are many ideas there that can be expanded – treasure troves really. I usually percolate better walking, quietly – my mind then takes what was on page to create connections, etc. Visual, Auditory – then written. Mariam Haddad 

Profile photo of Melle KettingI am also a ‘notetaker’. I do prefer a pen and paper notebook (some people make notes on phone/ipad/laptop, which prevents making a real connection in my observations). Then I like to think about the topic in a way I can (better) relate, sometimes even spar about it. Also focus on the conversation at hand (no phones on tables!). Put the other first and foremost, learn about them first. It is only 1 hour! Best case to ‘test’ anybody is to first make a real connection. Why did they make certain carreermoves… and then ask them to explain their current work as simple as can be (to their kids/or mine)…. If it takes too long, then they have room for improvement. Melle Ketting

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