Everyone has the right to #FairPay. The taboo on salary is blocking the transparency needed to achieve a fair, unbiased compensation. Money should not be your main motivation, but you should be both satisfied and confident that your paycheck is in line with the added value you bring to work every day.

Due to the taboo professionals are hesitant to exchange about their salary, and therefor they have no clue if their pay is fair or not. This causes stress for a large number of professionals. SalaryBar® provides an unbiased detailed salary benchmark. Which will confirm that your compensation is in line with the market (90-110%), or it will give you detailed data supported ammunition to renegotiate your salary.

Negotiation with knowledge

Use the SalaryBar® job benchmark service to receive an indication of the salary that your experience (based on your LinkedIn profile) in combination with that new job that you are applying for should result in. Dozens of people have used the SalaryBar® benchmark to negotiate a salary that was >20% higher than what they initially expected to get.