Graphic designer in Brussels – “I’m very interested and preaching about the SalaryBar cause.  I’ve recently utilized the results I obtained a while back to negotiate my departure from my current company, in addition to other research I had conducted. Thank you for your help here, keep going! What you’re doing is truly great! :)”

Client Relations Manager in Massachusetts –  “Thank you! This is super helpful information as I look for a new position – in terms of how close this calculation is to my last salary as director of tutoring, it’s about $20,000 more than my previous compensation package… I’d love to make the PayPal donation and also learn about new job opportunities if possible. I’ve shared SalaryBar with my connections and will definitely recommend it to others. I think the titles were a bit inflated at my last company, but I also think I was a bit under-compensated there.”

SalayBar uses 21 datapoints from your LinkedIn profile to calculate your salary; education, employers, promotions, languages,.. all except gender, age, race and religion. Our team enters this data manually and shares the result with you. Just visit the SalaryBar LinkedIn group and we’ll serve your salary within 24 hours.

“Have to say, love the concept! Keep going :)! I love the fact that it is based on data points so rather skill and data based opposed to the playing the politics game. So rather than politics and dealing with prejudices we would now be more equally and fairly compensated” Customer Service Manager Amsterdam.

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