Business Analyst

Job description

Do you like to fully immerse yourself in a specific part of a process, to understand it, and to find ways to improve it? Do you like to come up with multiple solutions for a problem, and be challenged by your team on your conclusions? Do you like to help the company to implement a solution, and keep IT and the business aligned during that project? And, last but not least, do you want to play an important role in speeding up the energy-transition? 

You will be reporting to the CTO in this role.

Your responsibilities 

  • Assist the business in defining and analyzing their problem when they visit you with a business-improvement request. You will be active in all parts of our business, from sales, to installations, from customer portal to Solar-system performance monitoring;

  • Come up with your own ideas on how to better support the business-processes;

  • Help them in defining clear requirements for a solution;

  • Create multiple potential solutions for strategic and operational improvements;

  • Force yourself and your colleagues to not jump to conclusions, but maintain a broader view on all possible solutions for a business problem;

  • Investigate existing solutions or platforms that could solve the business-problem;

  • If it’s needed to build software ourselves to solve a problem, help the software development team to design the solution and create user stories;

  • Support colleagues during the process of solution implementation;

  • Keep the business and the IT-department aligned and on board during these projects.

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