Salarybar - FairPay for all


“Henrike von Platen believes that women and money belong together. She is convinced that pay equity could be possible tomorrow. A passionate paraglider, she knows that if you want to fly, you can.”

Henrike von Platen

''What SalaryBar does it very relevant not only to know how much approximately you should expect to be paid according to your role, but also to make sure everything in your CV is valued in a fair way, something that rarely happens''

Antonella Vagliente

“SalaryBar is an amazing tool to assess your value in the job market and to be confident of asking your merited salary base. SalaryBar is a great tool for women because it’s a neutral AI algorithm which is not taking gender or other diversity bias into account. Women could be confident to ask for more salary than ever. I have already recommended it to my network”

Jara Pascual

“Time for blind salary negotiations is over. SalaryBar® is an innovative tool that help you to negotiate a fair compensation according to the value you bring to the company. It provides you extra self-confidence facing both a new position negotiation or into an internal promotion. I confirm the 90-110% accuracy in my own experience, I am recommending SalaryBar® to my professional network!”

Eva Vidal Garcia

"SalaryBar is the tool you need to answer the always-difficult question about salary expectation. With only a LinkedIn profile, its algorithm will give you an accurate estimate of how much you "should earn". Very useful and 100% recommended!"

Gerard Salvador