“Henrike von Platen believes that women and money belong together. She is convinced that pay equity could be possible tomorrow. A passionate paraglider, she knows that if you want to fly, you can.” Henrike von Platen of The FPI Fair Pay Innovation Lab. Watch the video below, which explains what a Universal Fair Pay Check means.

SalaryBar® believes in #FairPay for all, our model does not use gender, religion, age or race. The data based on your LinkedIn profile is entered manually into the algorithm by our SalaryBar® tenders. Your salary benchmark, the value you bring to work every day, deserves more than just a quick internet model which is targeting advertising revenue. Receive an accurate, free salary indication by filling out the form below and you receive your salary in 24 hours.

fearless girl

At SalaryBar® we’re fans of New York’s Fearless Girl. Fearless Girl is meant to “send a message” about workplace gender diversity and encourage companies to recruit women to their boards. The plaque below the statue stated: “Know the power of women in leadership”. SalaryBar is proud of Fearless Girl, go girl together we will change the world.

Another way to receive your #salary indication is to join the SalaryBar LinkedIn group, we will calculate your salary and send it to you through the group chat – join here.

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