muboa is an exclamatory form of mubo

muboa is an exclamatory form of mubo. 

  • having a small distance from one end or edge to another, either horizontally or vertically
  • having little duration; opposite of long
  • (of speech or style) brief; concise; to the point

Muboa is the universal word for all that is #good. We celebrate every moment of happiness, balanance, good, care and we applaud to all individuals, organizations and companies that make the world a bit more #muboa, every day.

uczynić świat bardziej #muboa
tornar o mundo mais #muboa
membuat dunia lebih #muboa
maak de wereld meer #muboa
mach die Welt mehr #muboa
dünyayı daha fazla yap #muboa
hacer el mundo más #muboa


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